What’s so cool about Quik-Shot Shooting Sticks?

We had to check this out.  We’d heard good things, and the Quik-Shot, as seen in the Hunters Specialties Operation Predator video series, didn’t disappoint.  They set up super easy and are quiet and lightweight.

Our friend Ken Lewis, of The Wildlife – An Outdoorsman’s Blog checked out the ‘Johnny Stewart Premium Predator Quick Shot Shooting Stick’ out in the field.  As you’ll see, he was favorably impressed.

The Quik shot is made of solid hardwood oak with a steel hinge for strength and durability.   It is built in such a way that is does , offer solid support from both seated and kneeling shooting positions. The hinge’s rubber covering tightly grips your rifle’s or shotgun’s forearm and won’t mar the gun’s finish.

Or as you’ll see in the video, you can lay it on top as Ken did.

The Johnny Stewart Premium Predator Quik Sticks - from Hunter Specialties.
The Johnny Stewart Premium Predator Quik Sticks – from Hunter Specialties.

“This is how the Quik Shot was really designed to be used trapping the forearm of the rifle or shotgun inside the forearm of the two sticks.  But in the case of my Savage 17 HMR, the forearm was a little to slender.  So I chose to rest the rifle on top of hinge, and it worked just fine for me.”

As a side note, we’ve seen some very positive reviews online as well, including the below: from Hunter Robert Lyons

” I’ve tried various types of shooting sticks before and never liked them. But these are different, these actually work and keep you pretty steady. These work especially well for youngsters who’s rifle might be a bit too big or heavy. They hold the rifle securely and take the weight of the rifle off of the kid’s arms. The height is easily adjustable by pushing the bottom of the sticks forward. My 10 year old granddaughter used them to help her shoot a bedded down button buck at measured 175 yards. She is petite and even a youth model is just a bit too big and heavy. These sticks held the rifle so all she had to do was hold the butt of the stock in her shoulder while she was kneeling. One shot from her .243 Win nailed the deer.”

here’s a link to Hunter Specialties page with the specifications:


let us know in the comments if you own this product, or have other shooting stick recommendations.