For everything, there is a season. The old saying couldn’t be more true than when it comes to hunting. There are seasons when the whole Earth seems to be in bloom, when weather is mild, and when wildlife abounds. Then there are seasons when none of that is true and hunting successes are scarce. No matter the season, it’s important to remember that if you want game animals to hunt when their seasons open, controlling predators is your best bet. Al Morris, a Mossy Oak pro and the host of FOXPRO Furtakers on the Outdoor Channel explains how to find the best time to predator hunt.

morris5_ll Photo by Mossy Oak

I believe the best time to hunt predators is immediately after the first really-cold snap in the late fall and early winter, or right after the first snow, depending on where you live. Right after the first snow, 75-percent of a coyote’s food gets covered by snow or killed. In the Deep South, where there’s hardly ever snow, a hard frost will be the weather condition triggering the best predator-hunting time. Since a good portion of the predator’s diet is gone after the first snow or hard frost, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, coons and possums will have to become far more active during daylight hours to find and take food. So, this is when predator hunting usually is the best.

Photos: Knapp Creek Fire Department (top): Mossy Oak (above)