Have you seen the iHunt by Ruger Game Call System?

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If you want to try a game call system, we like the iHunt Game Call system, the bluetooth speaker is cool and with the purchase of the speaker, you have access all the calls on the App.  There is really a lot to work with here.  The app also has solunar tables and ‘best fishing times’ which is a nice little extra.

Check out the video, we’ve summarized some of the features below.   And here’s a link to the website:  http://www.ihuntcalls.com/

The iHunt Bluetooth speaker works with the free downloadable game call app. The  app has over 600 calls, and 47 animal species.  For Coyotes alone, there must be over 50 different calls.  It may sounds like overkill, but it’s fun to have a lot of tools in the toolbox.

We found the iHunt Bluetooth speaker works easily, and well.  You need to click in the upper right hand corner of the app for initial set up, at which point it asks you for the serial number of your speaker, which is located in the battery compartment (see images with this post)

The serial number is located in the battery compartment. It unlocks the calls on the App.

The serial number is located in the battery compartment. It unlocks the calls on the App.

Setting up the App
Setting up the App

The volume is strong.  Some other speakers we’ve used have not been quite loud enough.  The volume on the iHunt speaker seems very good, with “up to to 115db of sound”.

All the variations of sounds and volume provide a good menu to work with.  This variety allows you to mix things up some, and avoid having to use the same call and same volume all the time.

Using your phone lets you quickly change calls without giving away your position.  We downloaded the iphone app.  The idea of course is to place this portable speaker on the ground, or you can hang it, then get into position to start the calling. No wires to worry about just hang and hunt.

If you have a clear line of sight your phone can communicate with the speaker up to 100 yards away. In other areas with trees and brush you may max out at 50 yards.

This speaker call system would make a great gift for the hunter

iHunt by Ruger Game Call System
iHunt by Ruger Game Call System

and is a great way to increase your success.


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