Red Dot Scopes and Wild Boars on the Run

This is the time of the year when hunters often turn to deer drives to limit their time in bitter weather and abandon the need to sit for long periods in the freezing cold. This video clip on Facebook shows how wild boar and other game is hunted in Europe where game drives are a very common occurrence. As Americans we are often advised not to take running shots because there is a greater likelihood of wounding an animal and most deer hunters have a vocal “Urrrp” in the back of their mind to stop a buck in its tracks. If

Aimpoint Red Dot scopes are a military grade hunting sight.
Aimpoint scopes are a military grade hunting sight.

you are a coyote or predator hunter, running shots can be the norm and as this video will show, hunters can become quite effective. I’ve hunted in Africa numerous times and the Professional Hunters to a man praise the shooting abilities of clients from Spain who seem to shoot as well at running game as they can when it is standing still. The “secret,” like any other athletic talent is practice and you can bet that these boar hunters practice shooting frequently with the aide of a small dot of aiming light provided by their Aimpoint scopes. Construction and engineering sets the Aimpoint brand apart from much less expensive models. First, these sights are military grade and were built like someone’s life depended upon it… because it does. That said, Aimpoint has invested in developing incredible battery life such that one models will run in the “on” position for more than six years. Also, the size of the dot matters and Aimpoint offers dots down to one MOA, sufficient to shoot accurately at 200 yards, even with no magnification. One year, I was able to test those long range shots at a meeting of the Professional Outdoor Media Association and was surprised how accurate that tiny dot can be. Anyway, back to the wild boar action.