BB and pellet guns used to be designed for plinking, and little more. Today’s modern air rifles feature scopes, excellent accuracy, and sufficient power for all types of backyard varmints and pests. The standard .177 pellet has been upsized to 22- and 25-caliber, enough energy for small game, even hogs. These new airguns are particularly useful for target practice and shooting in neighborhoods where firearms are prohibited. Conversely, they can be dangerous for lack of a proper backstop. With .22 ammo in such short supply, this is very economical option, even cheaper than loading your own ammo. The Hatsan USA 125 Vortex Sniper Airgun offers all of these advantages with minimal recoil, sound, and ammunition expense. Here are the full details.

byers018HatsanUSA Inc. has released its highly innovative 125 Sniper Vortex. These high-velocity vortex air rifles allow users to shoot from long distances with serious power and precision. Not only are they perfect for pest control and target shooting, but they are sure to change the common misconception that airguns are nothing more than gimmick.

Available in .177cal (1250fps), .22cal (1000fps), and .25cal (750fps), these single-shot break barrel airguns use Hatsan’s advanced Vortex Gas Piston technology. This powerful system, completely built in-house, is designed to propel heavy weight lead pellets at incredible velocities by utilizing a pressurized gas piston in a break action style barrel.  The benefits of the Vortex Gas Piston System are extensive…

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