Are you a hog hunter looking for a top of the line hog bait? If you are, get ready to fill the freezer with In Sights hog bait. In Sights Nutrition is a leader in the hog bait industry. Serious hog hunters use In Sights hog bait, because, not only do the hogs love this stuff, but it keeps them in the area!

Hog hunters all over know the trouble you have using regular bait. You set it out in the evening and by morning it’s gone and they just don’t come back regularly. In Sights works differently. Not only do they eat it, but it just tastes so good, they wait for you to show up for the next feeding.

It comes in either Hog Nut or Hog Trap. Both work great and have their uses. The “Hog Nut” has a special recipe that includes peanuts, sugar, and grain by-products. In Sights also adds minerals and vitamins to ensure you have the healthiest hog you can. Might as well keep them healthy, they’ll just taste that much better!

The liquid hog attractant is called “Hog Trap”. Don’t get any on your fingers, you might just lose them to some hogs. Once hogs get a taste of this stuff, they only get off of it in one of two ways. They either bump into you while you’re taking your gun for a walk, or they get some serious counseling, not!

The Hog Trap is made using real sugar syrup. Just dump this stuff on rotting logs, stumps or on the ground. Unlike other formulas that may take weeks to draw in hogs, you can have them interested in a couple of days.

Either formula works great and for a few bucks you can fill your freezer faster.