Coyotes are known for being clever and adapting to new conditions. They’re also strong hunters with strong senses of sight and smell. Coyotes will eat almost anything from fruit to rodents to deer and dead animals. To help landowners whose livestock falls prey to coyotes, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources now has a night season for hunting coyotes. KDFWR’s furbearer program coordinator Steven Dobey says, “Coyotes are generally less wary at night and hunting at this time can result in increased harvest success.” The Department emphasizes that hunters should follow all regulations when hunting at night.

The night light season will correspond with the time of year when deer have shed their antlers. This should lessen the motivation to poach deer. Late winter is also when vegetation is at its lowest, food is most scarce and when coyotes are actively breeding, making them easier to call into a set up. Lights cannot be connected to or cast from a vehicle. Any color of light can be used.

Daytime hunting for coyotes is open year round. Hunters may use shotguns, centerfire rifles, bows, crossbow, air guns with a minimum size of .22-caliber and rimfire rifles during daylight hours. There is no limit on the number of coyotes which hunters may take at night or during the day.

Photos: Nevada Department of Wildlife