If your hunting land is overrun with predators that wreak havoc during fawning and nesting seasons, trapping could be the answer to your problem. Dr. Grant Woods, biologist, traps roughly 50 predators annually on his farm and, on the latest episode of Growing Deer TV, says,

“Whether you plan to use trapping to reduce the predator population or to gain a few pelts for your collection, remember fur is now and always will be a renewable resource. Our nation’s founders used it to provide an income for their families.”

Woods traps predators including coyotes, bobcats, racoons and possums, and ensures viewers that, though it may seem like a large number, the predator population regenerates yearly and continues the need for predator control.

Woods also explains how minerals can improve your deer herd while helping wild turkeys and other wildlife, and test shoots his new G5 Prime bow in anticipation of bowhunting season.

 Photo by: Forrest Childs