Good news! Your deer hunting gear is perfect for coyote hunting this time of year. The same steps you used to limit scent with whitetail deer can be recycled for coyotes. If you’ve seen coyote tracks or heard them howl while deer hunting, you already know where to begin. You can even call from your favorite tree stand if you manage your scent properly. Jason Herbert gives his best tips for controlling scent and bagging coyotes in this post from Grand View Outdoors. It’s simple, common-sense advice that can get you in the game.


“Whaaaaa … whaaa …WHHHAA!” The rabbit-in-distress call echoed through the frozen woods.

I had no sooner finished my first calling sequence when I heard, “BOOM! … BOOM!” My hunting buddy Jon was shooting at something. As I turned, I caught out eye a giant coyote out of the corner of my eye flipping and flopping on the ground about 80 yards out. “Wow,” I thought, “that didn’t take long…”

Although this particular hunt didn’t last too long, predator hunting is typically a time-intensive hobby that requires a perfect setup and proper gear. The first thing to understand when trying to successfully hunt predators is their natural tendencies… [continued]

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