Coyotes are abundant in most parts of the country, and winter is an excellent time to call them due to the scarceness of food. Despite the greater potential for success, outfoxing this master predator takes care and specific set-up choices. Travis Faulkner of Sportsman Channel gives three specific tips to boost calling success, easy steps you can take the next time out.


Make no mistake; wily and cunning predators, like coyotes, can take a serious toll on whitetail and turkey populations. This is especially true when newborn fawns and poults are on the move during the spring and early months of summer. The good news is you can do something about it.

Predator hunting right now is a great way to manage your favorite whitetail and longbeard honey-holes. Plus, tangling with coyotes at the end of deer season gives you additional opportunities to hone your hunting skills, and it’s just flat out fun.  Here are some lethal predator control tips and tactics that will have you knocking noses into the dirt this winter.

Stay Under Their Radar

If you’re going to be a successful predator hunter, then you better learn to respect a coyote’s keen sense of smell… [continued]

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